The Skinny On Homemade Dog Treats

homemade peanut butter dog biscuitsHomemade dog treats are not difficult to produce as people make it look like. These treats are very healthy for dogs and if properly done, they (dogs) will always look forward to having them. These treats could be done to meet the necessary nutritional needs as well as remedy some health problems like skin allergies. Anybody can prepare these treats if properly guided. The items used for preparing theses treats are ingredients that are used for humans also; therefore there is no harm if eaten by children.
The dog is given a treat as a kind of payback when it does something worth having a pat on the back for, like coming when called or staying back or even sitting. You can also show how special your canine companions are by giving them a treat.
The ingredients used for preparing homemade treats shouldn’t just be any combination or just taken for granted. In the preparation of these treats, the ingredients used should be something you yourself could eat. Perhaps, if you buy these treats, after carefully accessing the ingredients used, are they things a guest could be given? If no, then your dog doesn’t deserve that! Ingredients such as by-products of meat which include bones, hoofs, intestines, and others are not healthy for human consumption; therefore it won’t also be good for your dogs. Ingredients like vegetables will be very good for your dog intake. Other beneficial ingredients that should make up the bulk of the selection should be whole grains, kelp, beans, etc., as this will be very much beneficial to the dog.
When preparing the homemade treat for your dog, the calorie should be put into consideration. Most dogs we see today are overweight and this could cause very serious health problems. Dogs become very active when they are not overweight; therefore when preparing their treats, ensure you put in the required amount of calories and also make sure to control the daily calorie consumption of your dog. If you don’t know, then you can ask your veterinary doctor. The texture of the treat matters a lot. Is it very hard or very soft? For an average dog, harder treats are preferable as this also helps in cleaning their teeth as it is being chewed. This is a preventive method for plaque building and it likewise helps to clean their gums. Puppies and much older dogs will find it difficult to chew the harder treats; therefore it’s advisable to give them softer treats.
You could try out homemade treats like a combination of a cup of mashed bananas, a cup of rolled oats, a cup of shredded carrots, a cup of wheat flour and a half cup of applesauce. Add these combinations in a bowl, mix and roll into balls, then cut them into attractive shapes like biscuits and bones before placing them on cookie sheets. The oven is preheated to about 3000c before baking for about 20 minutes. Allow it to cool and then your dog could be in for a very nice treat!

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