Homemade Dog Treats

Pet food recalls, the all natural movement and the “home based business” boom are just some of theĀ  factors that have attributed to the homemade dog treat craze. Homemade dog treats are a healthy alternative to mass produced pet treats and many pet owners feel that they are a better option for their puppies and dogs.

The dog food recalls really shook the pet industry. It made a lot of people reconsider what they were feeding their pets. Many people have stopped buying mass produced pet food altogether. The FDA doesn’t really have any guidelines when oit comes to producing pet food. After reading an article, it was brought to my attention that pet food manufacturers are aloud to use “road kill” in their products. I was shocked to say the least. I’m sure that a lot of pet owners would feel the same if they were aware of this information. You never really know what it being put into these types of foods. If you take the time to actually read the label on your dog’s food, you probably wouldn’t have ever even heard of half of the ingredients. If you are making homemade dog treats and homemade pet meals at home, then you know exactly what your pets are eating.

Not all mass produced pets foods are a bad choice. All natural pet food is a good alternative. All natural pet foods are made with only natural ingredients and they do not contain nay harmful preservatives or by-products. If you look at the label of an all natural pet food you’ll most likely be familiar with all of the ingredients. Most brands of pet foods have added an all natural line to their products. When we’re not cooking for our dogs we feed them Iams Healthy Naturals. They love the food and we love what it’s made out of.

Homemade dog treats have also become the source of many home based business’s. I actually started an online dog bakery several years ago and it has done very well. I started out by making all of the dog treats right in my own kitchen and then I would sell them at local fairs and festivals. To my surprise the treats were such a hit and I started to sell them online. Having an online business is much cheaper then actually having a store. There isn’t any overhead with an online dog bakery, so it ended up working out well. Homemade dog treats are actually pretty easy to make. My children love making homemade treats for our dogs!

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