How To Store Homemade Dog Treats In The Summer

One of the biggest obstacles that people face when making homemade dog treats is finding the right place to store them. Some types of homemade dog treats need to be stored in air tight containers while others would do better if  left out alone. For example, it’s usually a good idea to leave dog treats with a higher moisture content out in the fresh air rather than storing them in a container. The air acts as sort of a drying agent and will keep the homemade dog treats from molding. However, keep in mind that this probably isn’t a good idea for homemade dog treats with baby food or other high moisture ingredients like pumpkin or fresh vegetables. These type of treats would do best being stored in a refrigerator.

But what do you do when it’s 90 degrees with 100% humidity? Can you still leave your homemade dog treats out in the open?

I wouldn’t recommend doing this…

Leaving homemade dog treats out in conditions like this is almost like setting them up to spoil. However, there are a few tings that you can do to prevent this from happening.

1. Once your dog treats have completed baking in the oven, turn the oven off and let them sit inside for an extra few minutes. This is a great way to reduce the amount of moisture found in the dog treats. Then you can take them out of the oven and let them sit on the stove top for a few minutes more. Once your treats have cooled completely, wrap them in wax paper and place them in a zip lock bag and put them in the freezer. Simply take the treats out a few minutes before giving them to your dog. this allows them to soften up a bit but still remain chilled which makes for a great summer snack!

2. You can always buy a food dehydrator to deal with excess moisture during the hot summer months. There are several different types of food dehydrator’s ranging in size as well as price. If you are only planning on making treats for your own pooch then I would recommend just using your oven. However, if you plan on making homemade dog treats for sale, investing in a good food dehydrator is a good idea. Using a food dehydrator will give your homemade dog treats a longer shelf life and your customers will like this!

If you are considering a food dehydrator I would suggest checking our either one of these items:

Nesco FD-37A American Harvest Food Dehydrator, 400-watt

Sedona Digitally Controlled Food Dehydrator (SD-9000)

The first item is a small machine and is good for those of you are only planning making seasonal treats or filling small orders. the second item is great for those of you planning  on making a career out of your homemade dog treat business. Either way, both of these items are worth the money in the long run!

Get started making your pooch some tasty snacks with this easy homemade dog treats recipe.

The Barkery offers homemade treats for pets Marshfield News-Herald

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