How To Market Homemade Dog Treats

It’s important to set up a plan before you start your marketing campaign. The most important¬† thing that you will have to consider is your budget. In short, you have to calculate how much money you will have to spend on marketing. The next thing you will want to do is target your audience. To whom and where will you be selling your homemade dog treats? Lastly, you will have to decide if you will handle all of the marketing alone or will you hire someone to help you?

All business owners, especially new business owners, must figure out how much money they actually have to spend on marketing. It’s wise to start with a cost effective promotional period when dealing with a new business. It wouldn’t be beneficial to spend a lot of money on a business that has yet to turn a profit. Deciding what to spend your money on can be a bit overwhelming for a new business owner.

Because marketing costs can be expensive, especially when a business is just getting off the ground, you want to keep your campaign to a minimum.  A few inexpensive marketing tools are business cards, brochures, flyers, and placing small ads in a local publications. Aside form plaing ads in local publications, it would also be very beneficial to have a website set up. The Internet is a great place to promote your homemade dog treats. Once your business is bit more established you may want to consider placing an ad in a dog related publication. Dog Fancy and Modern Dog are two dog magazines that have great rates and they will get your business a lot of exposure.

Establishing who your customers are from the very beginning will help you out in the end. For example, if you are planning on selling organic dog treats then you would want to target customers who are into an organic life style. Statistics show that the most common audience for homemade dog treats are professional women ranging from ages 25-55. These women care a great deal about their pets and regardless of they enjoy spending their money on them! Handing out business cards and perhaps some free samples at local events that cater to these types of women will get you noticed rather quickly.

The last thing that you will have to consider is whether or not you will hire someone to hep you with marketing. If you are new to the pet industry then getting some help in the beginning is probably a good idea. While hiring help can sometimes be costly, it is usually worth it in the long run. Having an experienced marketing expert, especially someone familiar with the pet industry, will be beneficial because they will have helpful tips and strategies that you are probably unaware of. The pet industry is very competitive and marketing homemade dog treats can be challenging if you are doing it alone.  Doing some research about homemade dog treats before you start you launch your campaign will give and more competitive edge.

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