Why Choose Homemade Dog Treats

If you are like so many concerned pet owners, then you may have considered making homemade dog treats for your pet. Aside from providing your dog with a healthy alternative to mass produced dog treats,  making homemade dog treats very cost effective and can also be enjoyable.

Our blog is dedicated to teaching you about the benefits of making homemade dog treats and dog food. We’ll also provide you with up to date information on the latest trends in pets treats as well as the “do’s” and “don’ts” of making homemade pet treats. If you’re not ready to get down and dirty in the kitchen or you simply just do not have the time, we’ll share with you our top rated dog boutiques and dog bakeries that carry some of the best homemade dog treats.

The Beggin’ Beagle Bakery is one of our favorite dog bakeries. They make the most adorable dog breed treats that our dogs just love. Lucky for us we have an in with the owner and she has given us a few of the recipes that she uses to make these tasty dog treats. The dog breed treats are a hit. Each cookie is made in the shape of a particular dog breed and they come in three different flavors. Original, cheese, and peanut butter. Our dogs love them all but their favorite flavor is the peanut butter. What dog doesn’t like a peanut butter dog treat? The other thing that’s great about the dog breed treats is that they also make excellent gifts. A friend of ours is a Newfoundland fanatic. She has two Newfoundland’s and was just thrilled when she received a box of beautifully wrapped dog treats in the mail. Her dogs were also pleased with the mail man that day!

One of the great things about homemade dog treats is that they do not contain any harmful preservatives or by-products. For example the label on the peanut butter dog breed treats that we get from The Beggin’ Beagle Bakery reads oat flour, rolled oats, baking powder and peanut butter. If you go to the store and by these ingredients you’ll quickly find that it is a lot cheaper to make your own dog treats at home rather than buying them at the local pet store. I have two little boys at home who absolutely just love making dog treats for our dogs. You can buy cookie cutters in the shape of dog bones, paws, etc. Making homemade dog treats has become one of our families favorite weekend activities.

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