Homemade Dog Treats by Lucky Dogs’ Day Bakery

Making homemade dog treats and starting up dog bakeries is one the most popular trends in the pet industry. Having owned a dog bakery for almost five years myself, I know a bit about homemade dog treats. I have decided that it would be a nice idea to showcase all of the quality dog bakeries that are available to you. It’s always nice to see creative dog lover’s hard at work baking up tasty homemade dog treats for our four legged friends. A dog bakery that caught my eye today was Lucky Dogs’ Day Bakery.

Lucky Dogs’ Day Bakery has so many great qualities that I just wanted to share them with everyone. First off, Lucky Dogs’ website is very well designed. Too often I visit sights and they are so busy that I don’t even know where to begin. Lucky Dogs’ Day Bakery has a website that is user friendly and very easy to navigate through.

I decided to check out the homemade dog treats that Lucky Dogs’ day Bakery had to offer. I was very impressed with what I saw. All of their dog treats are handmade with human grade ingredients and they are made to order. So, not only will you receieve high quality homemade dog treats, they will also be fresh. I have ordered dog treats online before and when they arrived at my house they looked like they had been siting around for weeks! The bakery has a nice variety of dog treats as well. The flavors range from pumpkin, to apple, to banana and peanut butter. What dog doesn’t love peanut butter treats?

All of the dog recipes that are being used at the bakery appear to use only healthy ingredients. This is very important. You feed your dog homemade dog treats as a reward so you want to make sure that you are giving your pooch a healthy reward. Too many commercially produced dog treats are full of harmful by-products and you really are bit rewarding your pup if you are giving them unhealthy treats.

I would reccommend trying some of the dog treats made by Lucky Dogs’ Dog Bakery. I will be placing an order too!

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