Homemade Dog Treats Better Then Store Bought

What do you think would convince a pet owner to make their own homemade dog treats when their are tons of pre-made dog treats for sale at their local supermarket or pet store?

recipe for dog treats

Well, probably the same reason you’d prefer to bake your own cookies at home for your kids – store-bought dog treats can be filled with lots of empty carbs and chemicals that might eventually cause your dog more harm than good. People who choose to make their own  homemade dog treats are likely to be serious pet owners looking for hygienic, healthy, nutritious treats for their pets.

Homemade dog are much treats are much safer for your pet then commercial ones. Why? Well, that’s easy. You are in control of everything that goes into them. With the mounting number of pet food and treat recalls out there every day it is much safer to make your pet homemade pet cookies. You can choose flavors and avoid ingredients that your pet could be allergic to. That is assuming you are aware of allergies that your dog may have. You can even tailor your homemade dog to the season (which can be a lot of fun) or perhaps have your pooches name on the treats too.


Since these healthy dog treats are made with human grade products they are more likely to cause less problems for your dog then store bought ones. They are healthier and because they have less filler they make your pet fuller faster helping in keeping your dog lean. Homemade dog treats are much better for your pooch and can lead to longer healthier lives with less health complications. The added chemicals in store bought dog treats can often lead to skin irritations and allergies that will make you and your dog very uncomfortable.

Store bought does have one benefit that homemade doesn’t have: they can easily be purchased, prepackaged and ready to serve to your pet. However, why would you feed your dog something like that when you can easily whip up a batch of tasty, healthy homemade dog treats? Even if you aren’t able to make your pet homemade snacks there are plenty of great places on line that specialize in homemade dog treats, Check out The Beggin’ Beagle Bakery for some tasty homemade snacks.

There are many things to consider and your dog’s health is one of them. Your best friend deserves the best so consider trying some of the easy homemade dog treat recipes found here on my site.



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