Homemade Dog Food Recipes

Healthy Dog Food Recipes

Although I happen to specialize in homemade dog treats and the majority of my site revolves around dog treat recipes, I do have a decent collection of homemade dog food recipes as well. Again, most people who take the time to make their pet’s homemade food are doing this for the health benefits. I also think that most pet owners agree that homemade pet food the healthier choice, it’s just finding the time and the right recipes that people struggle with.

Dog Food Recipes Vet Approved

Before I started making homemade dog food, as well as posting dog food recipes on my blog, I took the time to do a little research. Although it’s not all that difficult to prepare food for your pup, getting some advice, preferably from someone who has experience, is a good idea. Discussing dog food recipes with a veterinary nutritionist would be ideal, however, not everyone has access to someone like this. If you don’t, just talk to your own vet or look for some books on the topic that were written by vets.

Raw Dog Food Recipes (salmon)

A lot of pet owners are often turned off when they hear the word “raw” diet. Most people are accustomed to feeding their pets dry dog food and the thought of switching to an all raw diet raises some concerns. So what are people so afraid of and are they right to be? Well, when it come to raw dog food diets the most popular concerns are parasites and bacteria.

It is true that both raw meats and fish can have some parasites. However, freezing the meat for 48 hours kills the parasites. Have you ever eaten sushi? I have and the reason why we can eat things like raw salmon and tuna and not get sick is because the fish is frozen first to kill parasites.

So what about bacteria? Bacteria is a problem for people, not dogs. Why? The design of a dog’s digestive system is much different than ours.

Did you know that a dog’s stomach produces very strong acids with a ph of 1. If you are not familiar with ph, it’s the low ph that actually kills the bacteria. This is why stray dogs (and mischievous pets at home) don’t get sick after eating garbage. Dogs are carnivores and scavengers by design. What do you think they eat in the wild? It only makes sense that they are built to handle raw food.

If you are still a little nervous about feeding your dog raw meat from the store, you can always purchase pre-made raw fish and meats at your local pet store. These premade products are actually used in the video below.

Dog Food Recipes With Chicken

If you are not ready to make the move to an all raw diet for your dog you can always cook healthy foods for them. One of the most common ingredients that pet owners feed their dog when trying to maintain  healthy a diet is chicken. Chicken is low fat and high protein so it’s ideal for dogs of all ages. Try this easy homemade dog food recipe for Hank’s Healthy Chicken Fix.

Dry Dog Food Recipes

Dry dog foodWhile there are a lot of pet owners who enjoy preparing savory meals for their dog every day, they are those who are just looking for simple dog kibble recipes. Making and storing dry dog food is a little easier and less time consuming than preparing raw dog food or cooking your dog meals everyday. Here is one of my favorite dry dog food recipes.

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