Dog Gifts Boxes Packed With All Natural Dog Treats

All natural dog treats have become increasingly popular, especially as gifts. Giving homemade dog treats to furry friends of the family is one of the top ten gift items amongst dog owners. There are quite a few dog bakeries with an excellent selection of all natural dog treat gift items. The Three Dog Bakery has created these great dog gift boxes packed with all natural dog treats! All dogs are sure to love them!

Dottie Delectable Gift Boxer is one the dog bakeries best sellers and it’s the perfect gift for new adoptions, new puppies, dog birthdays, anniversaries, or just because they’re so darn cute! The dog treat gift box includes the following:

8 oz Itty Bitty Bones – Peanut Butter
8 oz Vanillay Woofers
10 oz Carob Dipped Rollovers
7 oz Ciao Wow Cheese Pizzas
8 oz Itty Bitty Scary Kitties
9 oz Sarah’s Slob o’rrrRRRibs
12 oz Scottie Biscotti Dipped with Carob
8 oz  Jump ‘n Sit Bits – Cheese
8 oz Beagle Bagels – Multi Grain

The Three Dog Bakery has put together the best, all-natural ingredients in order to create their homemade dog treats. All of the dog treats made at the dog bakery are a healthy alternative to many of the mass produced pet treats on the market today. All of the dog treats are made with high quality ingredients. The bakers at The Three Dog Bakery actually consulted with vets, breeders, pet shop owners, pet lovers and they even their our own in-house focus groups to help design their treats. The results are delicious, healthy homemade dog treats that all dogs love!  The ingredients used definitely make the difference – using healthier ingredients means healthier, more energetic dogs.

The dog bakery does warn it’s customers that there may come a time when they are a little jealous of their dog. Who wouldn’t be? Just a whiff of the gourmet dog treats made with rich and nutty peanut butter is enough to have anyone drooling. The thought of using sweet and delectable carob chips in their dog treats has been known to have dogs rolling over in delight! And that’s just scratching the surface of the ingredients that the bakery uses for their oven-baked dog biscuits. All natural dogs deserve all natural dog treats!

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