A Few Tips On Baking Homemade Dog Treats

When I first started baking homemade dog treats I really wasn’t aware of all the little tricks that can really make baking dog treats so much easier. Two of the most important tips that I wish I would have been aware of how to keep your dog treats from rising and “puffing” up when baking and more importantly, how to increase the shelf life of your homemade dog treats.

If you have been homemade dog treats for a while then you have probably had to deal with your dog treats rising too much when you bake them. When I first started baking snacks for my dog I used to get rather annoyed when I would take the treats out of the oven only to find that they had taken on new shapes while baking. I remember cutting a batch of peanut butter dog treats into dog bone shapes and when I took them out of the oven they looked more like swollen baseball bats! I tried cutting out the baking powder from the dog treat recipes which helped a little, but the treats would still rise unevenly giving them a rather distorted look when they came out of the oven.

You can prevent your homemade dog treats from rising unevenly by simply using a fork to make holes throughout the dog biscuit. You can follow the pattern of the cookie cutter that you are using to make sort of a pattern. Creating a pattern prevents the dog treats from looking sloppy and it also ensures that they will rise evenly.

If you look closely at the picture to your left you will see that I used a fork to make holes in the Schnauzer cookies, the cup cake cookies and the dog biscuits. Try it out, it really helps!

The next tip that I would like to share will increase the shelf life of your homemade dog treats dramatically. You have to be aware of the water content in your dog treats. The lower water content, the longer your treats will last. I wish I would have known this when I started baking homemade treats years ago!

A few of the recipes that I used had high moisture ingredients like milk, egg, and water. The more of these ingredients that you use, the chances are that your treats will have a high moisture content which leads to a short shelf life. A few ways to reduce moisture content in your homemade dog treats are use dry ingredients as apposed to wet ones. For example, use powdered milk instead of fresh milk. You can also bake your treats at a lower temperature for a longer time. This will actually dry the treats out and dry dog treats last loner. You can also invest in a food dehydrator to reduce the moisture level in your homemade dog treats.

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